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A radical cradle-to-grave rethink on the automotive manufacturing process. Delivers 40% reduction in CO2 emissions over the entire vehicle lifecycle. Deploys Formula One technology to create a virtuous cycle of low-weight benefits. iStream® is a revolutionary and all-encompassing rethink on the way cars are designed, developed and produced. It’s a truly clean-sheet approach that powers automotive production into the 21st century. iStream® combines leading-edge lightweight technology, low-energy consumption and flexible small-footprint production sites where the market is located to deliver a radical all-new production process, capable of producing equally innovative and forward-thinking vehicles. It maximises the benefits of lightweight Formula One construction technology, without any of its prohibitive associated costs, to create a production process that’s low in both emissions and investment.

iStream® forges an entirely new production method that defies conventionality with its Formula One-derived construction and materials technologies. The core tenet of this process is a fit-for-purpose approach to lightweight material usage and low parts count to achieve an ultra-low vehicle weight.


Reducing weight benefits every aspect of a vehicle. The combined iStream® result is an advantageous weight-saving of up to 200kg on a typical supermini... more

Many manufacturers claim their cars feature Formula One technology. For most it’s little more than a conspicuous sliver of polished carbonfibre mounted on the dashboard that creates the tenuous link between

road and track.

iStream® is different – its method of construction and materials used in its thin-skinned honeycomb iPanels are deeply rooted in Formula One constructions methods, with the focus on low weight and high strength

Despite the resourcefulness of this process... more

Because the iStream® assembly process fully exploits known and current assembly and materials technologies, it requires up to 80% less capital investment than a standard automotive assembly plant, with the potential of much quicker returns.

Having a physical footprint up to 75% smaller than traditional sites means a 60% reduction in energy consumption, and the associated reduction in greenhouse gas emissions will mean the plant will easily meet existing and future environment regulations... more

iStream® was designed from the onset to deliver a manufacturing process with a dramatically reduced carbon footprint, one small enough to set the benchmark in the automotive sector for unprecedented levels of low carbon emissions at all stages of production.

This will be achieved through assembly sites a quarter the size of today’s car plants with attendant benefits of lower energy and resource consumption, vast improvements in manufacturing efficiencies, sourcing low-cost green raw materials and producing.... more

The vehicles that the iStream® process can produce may redefine our current expectations of compact cars, but their size belies their levels of safety and protection they offer.

The innovative layout and construction of the iFrame assembly, as well as its bonded iPanels that feature unidirectional materials to effective channel very high crash loads, creates an impressively rigid and impact-resistant architecture that passes all current and upcoming Euro NCAP passenger and pedestrian impact tests... more

The iStream® production process delivers a level of manufacturing flexibility unprecedented in the automotive sector. Developed from the word go for the low-cost scaling of different vehicles through its innovative chassis architecture, iStream® enables a standard platform to quickly and effectively deliver different vehicle types and model variants.

A four-seater sports coupe, a taxi, a people-carrier, an urban delivery van, an emergency support vehicle or a pick-up truck could all be derived from an initial passenger car layout... more

What is iSTREAM?

The end result is a vehicle that benefits from a virtuous cycle of low-weight production and delivers a 40% reduction in greenhouse emissions over its lifecycle. In doing so it redefines current standards of safety, durability, economy, packaging, affordability and cradle-to-grave environmental impact. At the core of the iStream® process is the technology to build a lightweight and low-cost vehicle architecture using a combination of large-diameter, thin-walled steel tubes that are formed, laser cut and profiled under computer control, and then welded together.

This iFrame structure picks up and joins together all the structural hard points - suspension mounts, seat anchorages, powertrain mounts, battery mounts, interior controls and door hinges – which is cost-prohibitive in a composite structure. The tubes used in the iFrame are then coated internally and externally with an organic autophoretic material to provide exceptional corrosion resistance... more